Stephen has shared the stage with me, sharing the amazing story of the out of body experience he had when he was in a coma after his horrific car crash. He really is a walking, talking miracle. Stephen’s stories are comical and fascinating. He has a good perspective on life because he has seen that there is an afterlife, and knows that time on earth is fleeting.

Stephen teaches keys to persevering life’s challenges and leading a productive and powerful life.

Noel Moody

Highway Preacher

A wonderful, inspirational story for young people and others struggling with the aftermath of serious injuries. 

Stephen has worked so hard and persevered in the face of great adversities after his serious accident. 

We were all in shock at the time. John knew the director at the PA who had just been transferred to Melbourne. It was on his referral that Stephen was saved from being an organ donor after John made a phone call to him about Stephen and his accident. 

I know Val and Iven sat by his side for the whole time while Stephens friends came in with their music tapes and stories of love, talking to him continuously trying their best to reach Stephens subconscious to let him know they were there for him. 

Iven and Val brought Stephen to our house when he first came out of hospital so he was close to medical aid. 

It took months of dedicated hard work from both his mum and Dad to encourage Steve with all his rehabilitation from that point to years later. Little steps every day. Perseverance and endurance were required not only by Steve but his whole family and relations. This was the new normal. The happy, fun loving, independent son was now totally dependent on his amazing parents and family. 

I fully endorse Stephen in his amazing desire to now use this experience to talk to all people about his long journey from the time of his terrible accident to where he is now. The realization of the reality of his out of body experiences and how this has impacted on the man he is today.

Lois Darcey

Stephen’s Aunty, High School English Teacher

Vicki and I had the pleasure of living on neighboring farms at Jandowae for over thirty years with the Hewett family.

I have known Stephen Hewett all his life. Stephen was always a fun loving, intelligent, wonderful young person. He was always willing to give a helping hand where needed. Everyone loved Stephen.

Our family was devastated on hearing the news of Stephen’s accident, especially our son Scott, who went to school with him. Little did we know the effect it would have on his family but most of all Stephen himself. Through the love, prayers and support of his wonderful family and friends, medical staff at PA Hospital in Brisbane and Stephen’s determination and will to live, Stephen has continued in life to make the most of each blessing and day as it comes.

Stephen’s son Jake and his wife Peta have given him a new power and drive to live life again and a chance to make the most of all that life has to offer and we wish him well for the future.

We can’t change the past but we can change the future. God bless you all.

Angus Lane, OAM

Royal Agricultural Shows National Announcer

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